‘GO THE F*** HOME’: Video Surfaces Of Dem Senator Cussing Out Trump, Massive Backlash Ensues

Well, we all know that the behavior from the Democrats is not a good example for anyone. Their way of talking and the dictionary that they are using is filled with pointless attacks and even cusses.

Exactly that kind of a behavior was shown recently by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

She held a speech at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University and started bashing President Donald Trump. Sadly for her, all of that was captured on video. It seems that she is receiving a huge series of negative reactions since the public saw the video.

Gillibrand stated: “Has [President Donald Trump] kept any of these promises? No. Fuck no. Sorry, I understand this is a younger audience. It’s okay.”

What do you mean by “it’s okay,” and what kind of an example are you giving to the younger audience. There are teenagers who are looking at politicians and acknowledging a big part of their behavior. Cussing is not something that a kid should learn from the speech of a politician.

However, it doesn’t stop there. During the interview, Gillibrand stated that if the Democrats are not helping the people, “we should go the fuck home.”

The interviewer then questioned her about Trump’s “covfefe” tweet. She said: “I think it was ‘coverage’ and he was bitching about the media and he just forgot to finish.”

The interviewer had to react and say something about her language. He said that his “my 90-year-old mom is sitting in the front row.” Probably, she didn’t have any problems with that, but she stated: “Oh God bless you, I’m sorry” and covered her face with paper.

The social media went wild.

A piece of advice, if your role model is a politician, please change it if it is a Democrat. Especially if it is someone like Gillibrand.

How can someone use a language like during an interview? I guess they are so desperate they are willing to say anything against Trump. Luckily, they haven’t seen much success in that.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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