[VIDEO] 50 Years Of Joe Biden’s Racist Comments

The racist comments from Joe Biden over 50 years are combined in a video below and are a great reminder of just how cluelessly racist Biden has been for so long.

Biden just can’t help himself and doesn’t even realize he’s saying something racist.

This is a compilation of all of Joe Biden’s public racist comments in the past fifty years, just imagine what he has said in private if this is public record.


This would be a disaster for most politicians, but Joe Biden has another opportunity to lie, and even constructed his way to being the 2020 nominee for president.

Here’s another video of Joe Biden, and another lie, during an interview where he completely justifies his 1994 Crime Bill. Take a look:

Let’s sum everything up, Biden has had decades in the Senate, then eight years as Vice President under Obama, that’s a real opportunity to improve our country. But we all know he did nothing!

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