Trump Unveils Supreme Court List – He Includes 20 Conservatives, Including 3 Senators

What’s Happening:

Much like 2016, this presidential election will have a profound effect on our courts.

The next president will most likely appoint one, if not two, additional Supreme Court justices.

That would be enough to either give the court a strong conservative majority, or surrender it to the radical left.

From the start, Trump has selected federal judges who uphold our Constitution.

And now, he has revealed a considerable list of the people he would send to the Supreme Court:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled a list of potential nominees including three sitting U.S. senators to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies in a move aimed at bolstering support among conservative voters ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

At a White House event, Trump announced a list of 20 potential justices, saying they all would preserve America’s “founding principles.” The Republican president also urged his Democratic election rival, Joe Biden, to release his own list.

President Trump revealed a list of 20 potential Supreme Court picks, should he be re-elected to a second term, and they could have an impact on this race.

The list includes three conservative senators and other respected figures in government.

Since entering office, President Trump has appointed hundreds of federal judges.

His influence has flipped many notoriously liberal courts. He has also appointed two Constitutionally-minded Supreme Court justices.

Many think that there will be at least one more vacancy on the court in the coming years.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has refused to step down, though she has been battling numerous health issues.

It’s possible she will retire in a few years.

Whoever is elected president would fill that seat. Either Trump would pick a third justice, giving the court a solid conservative majority.

Or Biden would get to pick someone. Most likely, he’d let the radical left decide for him—meaning the judge would be little more than a social justice warrior.

Trump has urged the Biden campaign to release the list of potential candidates.

It’s unlikely Biden would seek balanced, Constitutional-minded justices. Instead, he’d find the most radical activists in government.

Is the Supreme Court an important voting issue for you this year?

Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump revealed a list of 20 potential Supreme Court nominees.
  • Trump urged the Biden campaign to do the same.
  • It is likely the next president will pick one, if not more, SCOTUS justices.

Source: IJR

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