BREAKING: Trump Just CAPTURED Him Overnight – He’s FINALLY In Custody! This Is MASSIVE!

Is there is one thing we can be sure about it’s that President Trump is not a man you would want to mess with.

While he was still a presidential candidate, Donald Trump promised to dispose of every toxin in our country left behind by the Obama administration. So far, he has been doing a fantastic job.

But this is only the beginning. I think it is safe to say that things are going to get a lot worse for certain people who have turned their backs on our country, and have actively been working against it.

Recently, the social media has been flooded with numerous scandals involving Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and several other crooked politicians.

Hillary Clinton for instance, has had her name involved with a lot of sudden and mysterious deaths of people who were actively working against her, in an attempt to expose every one of her dirty dark secrets. Here is the interesting part, most of those deaths were marked a “suicide,” even though the evidence indicates otherwise.

According to CBS News and their national security correspondent David Martin, U.S. officials are now claiming that special operations forces have captured a key militant during the Benghazi attack on a U.S. consulate back in 2012.
The suspect was reportedly identified as Mustafa al-Imam, Martin added.

The officials noted that the mission which led to the suspect’s capture was approved by President Trump himself, and was done in coordination with Libya’s internationally recognized government.

They did not however give specific details on where he was captured.

If it wasn’t for our commander-in-chief, the Benghazi victims would have received no justice what so ever, since Hillary would have cleaned out ever record of the attack in order to cover her actions that led to this assault.

As CBS News further explained, earlier this month, another suspect, Abu Khattala, was trialed in a federal court located in Washington.

Ahmed Abu Khattala

Ahmed Abu Khattala

However, he refuses to plead guilty to the 18 charges against him, including the killing of an internationally protected individual.

The Benghazi attack prompted several congressional investigation meant to find out what went wrong during the attack and whether the Obama administration lied to the people about the unfortunate assault, reported CBS News.

Initial accounts which were provided by administration officials such as former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, revealed that the attack was a response of an anti-Islam internet film. Later, the administration said that the attack was not cause by such video, it was actually a planned terrorist attack.

So now ask yourselves, why would Susan Rice go through all the trouble making up that ridiculous video story?

A two-year long probe led by a House Benghazi committee revealed that Hillary Clinton had been using a private email server for government work, encouraging an FBI investigation that was later proved to be an albatross in her own presidential campaign.

This hole is larger than we all thought. A lot of more information is expected to flow in any day. Look out Clinton.

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H/T Freedom Daily.

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