We can safely say that former President Barack Obama has chosen a lot of terrible policies during his eight years in office.

He raised the race wars and swamped the country with illegal immigrants who didn’t go through any vital processes. This resulted in many illegal criminals to enjoy the freedom of the country.

For these reasons, President Trump is facing some tough tasks to solve. The one that he is fighting against currently is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA.) This program encouraged the Democrats to shut down the government until Trump gives amnesty to the illegals. They’ve actually selected the illegals as a priority, instead of the Americans. Luckily, Trump didn’t fall for this and the government is working perfectly fine.

Now, Trump is deporting celebrities who have illegal immigrant status. They slipped through the years with the help of the Obama administration.

Jean Montrevil and Ravidath Ragbir were detained by the ICE officials and now they are being deported. Despite the fact that they were charged with several crimes, they were still living in the country.

Ragbir was detained on January 11th and he was notified that he has to be deported. Ragbir came in the US back in 2011, from Trinidad and Tobago. Back in 2000, he was convicted of wire fraud. He was caught stealing $400,000. Even though he got a deportation order in 2006, the authorities gave him a “reprieve of deportation.”

In the beginning of January, Haitian national Jean Montrevil and a co-founder of New Sanctuary was detained. After almost one week, he was deported. He lived in the US since 1986 despite the fact that he was convicted of possessing drugs. According to his lawyer, Montrevil “reached an understanding with ICE officials.” The worst part is that Montrevil was five years in prison after he was sentenced to 11.

This was a ticket for them to get deported, but the Obama administration decided to only watch our country going to hell.

Finally, we have a president who takes matters into his own hands. A president who would do anything to protect his country. Donald Trump is worthy of his position and nobody can deny that.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Freedom Daily.

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