Texas Mayor Uses Taxpayer Funds For Obama Tickets – It Was Her Last Mistake

The Democrat mayor used public dollars to go see her role model – her scandal just came back to bite her.

Once again, we learn about Democrats caught in a corruption scandal.

It seems they can’t even help themselves. This time, it was the lure of Michelle Obama that made these liberals break the law.

What’s really remarkable is, they don’t think they did anything wrong!

Really? Then why are you resigning in disgrace?

From Newsweek:

Two politicians in Texas who expensed tickets for Michelle Obama’s book tour to public funds for the city they represented have quit amid a political backlash.

Forest Hill City Council Mayor Lyndia Thomas and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Beckie Hayes paid back the money to the city’s public relations fund—$545 a ticket for the Obama book event in Dallas—after criticism, WFAA reported.

But they rejected the allegation they had misused public funds for the expenses request, which was approved by the city manager, after questions were raised by an audit committee.

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Suuure. You paid back the money—and resigned—but refuse to admit you did anything wrong.

These two goons thought they could steal taxpayer dollars to go meet Michelle Obama. I’m sure they could have paid for the trip themselves.

They just were used to using government funds for their own enjoyment. It’s a common trend among Democrats.

Why aren’t more exposed and fired over it? Because they all do it and make sure to cover their tracks.

How did you think those D.C. Democrats paid for their trips to Hawaii and Puerto Rico during the government shutdown? I can promise you they didn’t open their wallets for those!

These Texas Democrats were just sloppy. They got caught and had to own up to it.

But even then, they still refused to admit they were wrong.

Imagine that level of corruption!

That’s just another day for the Democrats. All of them look for ways to cheat the taxpayer. Working in government isn’t a duty for them—it’s a get rich quick scheme.

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