Texas Governor Takes A Concerning Turn – For The 2020 Election, Abbott Is Extending Early Voting

What’s Happening:

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has been a dependable conservative for years. But this year, he seems to be taking his cues from California.

After issuing a strict lockdown of the state, he is now requiring all residents wear masks outdoors.

Now, after being a staunch supporter of election integrity, he’s caving to the left’s demands.

It looks like he might be opening the door to serious concerns, right before a critical American election:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Monday that he issued a proclamation extending the early voting period for the November election by nearly a week in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per the proclamation, early voting by personal appearance in Texas will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 13, instead of Monday, Oct. 19. The early voting period will continue till Oct. 30 before Election Day on Nov. 3.

Democrats are strong supporters of early voting. They push in states across America.

But the danger is that allowing more chances to vote allows for more chances for fraud.

Our elections are reliable only when Americans know that fraud is not possible.

Yet, the more time fraudsters have to infiltrate polling places, the greater the chance an election can be stolen.

Republicans also criticize early voting, because that erodes a candidate’s chances of winning support. Instead of having all the way until November to campaign, they’ll only have until early October.

Some people haven’t even made up their minds. Not even all the debates have been held by then.

Campaigns hold rallies and events up to the very last day. Every second counts in an election as big as the presidential election.

Yet it appears Gov. Abbott is making it easier for Democrats to steal this election.

He knows how important this election is, for America and for Texas. Yet he continues to do the very thing most Texans reject: bowing to the left.

Many worry about the future of the state of Texas. Democrats are pulling out all the stops to flip this red state blue.

Why would Abbott give them more chances to do it?

Recently, the state was able to hold runoff elections during the COVID panic. Polling places had the proper protections in place, with little fear of infection.

So why does there need to be extra days for early voting, out of fear of COVID?

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas Gov. Abbott extended early voting in the state.
  • Concerns remain over early voting’s security and chance of fraud.
  • The governor has had a recent streak of embracing liberal policies.

Source: Click 2 Houston

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