Texan Matthew McConaughey Considering Political Run – He’s Looking To Jump Straight To The Top As Governor

What’s Happening:

It’s a common trend for popular, well-known actors to move from the silver screen to politics.

There is a long history of stars jumping into public office including, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Most of the time, they have success in California, where voters seem to prize their star-studded persona.

But it seems like one celebrated actor might be eyeing a career in politics. Rumors are abounding Matthew McConaughey might take a run at a seat.

And it’s far from La, La Land:

Matthew McConaughey may someday step into the political arena.

The 51-year-old actor recently appeared on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” and was asked about his potential political aspirations.

During the radio interview, Hewitt suggested that McConaughey is publicly perceived as “center-right” politically, which could someday land him in the hot seat for a run for the office of governor in his home state of Texas…

As for what policies he wishes both Democrats and Republicans could rally behind, McConaughey said he’s interested in getting “behind personal values to rebind our social contracts with each other as Americans, as people again.”

Rumors began to swirl about a possible McConaughey run at the Texas governor’s seat after an interviewer asked him about it.

McConaughey seemed to suggest he’d be open to the possibility one day if the “broken business” of politics gets remedied.

Many have wondered about McConaughey’s personal politics. Given he’s a famed Hollywood actor, it would be no surprise that he turned out to be a Democrat.

But some seem to perceive the man as “center-right,” given his down-to-earth nature and love of conservative Texas.

McConaughey became a refreshing voice of reason at the break of the COVID panic. He posted several videos urging patience, encouraging Americans that they’d get through this trial.

He and his wife also traveled the state of Texas, bring aid to people in need.

While he might not be running soon, it wouldn’t surprise many people to see him jump into politics, one day.

But would a Gov. McConaughey continue Texas’ strong, conservative leadership—or would he defect to the left-wing?

Would you vote for Matthew McConaughey if he ran for governor of Texas?

Key Takeaways:

  • Rumors are growing that actor Matthew McConaughey will one day run for public office.
  • Some have suggested McConaughey would run as governor of Texas.
  • The actor is considered “center-right,” but his official party affiliation remains unclear.

Source: Fox News

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