Starbucks Caves To Trump’s Common Sense Demands, Ends Year Long War

It looks like the Starbucks team officials have finally come to their senses, ending the year-long conflict between the coffee company and President Trump.

As most of you know, in the past President Trump had criticized the coffee giant on multiple occasions for refusing to celebrate Christmas, as well as other transgressions. For some reason, the whole Christmas situation really irritated our commander-in-chief and I do not blame him.

Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays, so it doesn’t make any sense for a major company such as Starbucks to refuse to give it the special recognition it should get. In fact, Starbucks has even refused to show any Christmas-related scenes on their ubiquitous coffee cops that get visits from hundreds of Americans on a daily basis.

In the past, Starbucks has tried to smear our eyes by writing a few simple messages such as “happy holidays” on their cups, but that just isn’t enough when it comes to Christmas now is it?

President Trump on the other hand, being the holiday person he is, openly criticized them for refusing to acknowledge the beauty of Christmas. They have opposed his perspective for quite some time now. Fortunately however, they finally came to their senses. You can see that in the latest version of their cups.

According to Mashable, “the 2017 cups feature a Christmas tree, doves, ornaments, presents, and holiday cards.”

That’s right. They finally gave in on the Christmas spirit, as every American should. Christmas is not a bad thing! It is a wonderful thing. Thank God President Trump knocked some sense in to them.

As our sources further informed us, on Tuesday Starbucks posted a video on their official YouTube account which read, “The holidays mean something different to everyone,” adding, “This season the cup is just the beginning. How you make it special is up to you.”

That’s more like it! What do you think? Scroll down and comment below!

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