Snowflake Tells Judge Jeanine, F**K TRUMP, F**K THESE WHITE PEOPLE — Then Gets Brutal Dose of Karma!

Judge Jeanine Pirro decided to interview several students at the riot at UC Berkeley that kept Milo Yiannopoulos quiet.

She came across one clearly racist student who has the wrong thoughts about many things. It was clear that it was a liberal.

The student even yelled: “F*uck Trump, f*uck white people!” This is another way to show how terrible the liberals can behave.

The woman couldn’t stop talking about Nazis and white supremacists. She actually stopped a peaceful conversation.

Here is a part of the conversation:

Judge Jeanine: “Doesn’t he have the right to go there and speak?”

The girl: “Right-wing people do not have the right to spew hatred and bigotry in this country.”

Jeanine: “Can we have a civil conversation?”

The girl: “You want to call me uncivil?”

Judge Jeanine: “I didn’t call you anything!”

The Girl: “F*ck Trump! F*ck these white people who get to say that…”

One person from the crowd yelled: “Wow! I thought you for tolerance?”

Judge Jeanine couldn’t hear the stupidity that was coming from the girl’s mouth so she had to stop the interview. Is this the good way to educate the children of America? The liberals are only teaching them about hate and conflicts.

This needs to be changed once and for all. President Donald Trump needs to be accepted and there is not one single reason why not to. He has shown us that he is worthy of the position and the people need to stop with the attacks. Or at least they need to acknowledge what they are saying before it is too late. Their behavior is not acceptable!

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Freedom Daily.

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