Sniper Makes ISIS Trainer’s Head Disappear From 3/4 Of A Mile Away

Ironic or not, the leaders of ISIS are teaching its members how to kill people.

The jihadis were taught how to execute the prisoners. However, the whole lesson was stopped when the “teacher” got killed by a sniper, who waited patiently for the right moment.

The incident happened in northern Syria. Special Air Service Regiment shot the ISIS leader in the back of the head. The sniper stopped him from teaching them something horrible, something that no one should put in practice.

According to one unknown British military source, the sniper who assassinated the executioner is among the 20 SAS soldiers who managed to enter an area swamped with terrorists.

The mission had to be committed with a sniper because it was dangerous to bomb that area. Near the terrorists was a small village and a school. The sniper positioned himself 1,200 meters away from the camp and waited around 12 hours. He pulled the trigger when the ISIS boss started with his lessons on how to kill the prisoners.

The demonstrator used axes, knives and even a sword. The sniper didn’t hesitate and finished the job perfectly. He used a high-powered Dan .338 and aimed a foot off because of the wind. He executed the shot precisely and assassinated the ISIS leaders.

Worth mentioning is that the ISIS leaders wore a white robe, which is very unusual. This made him an easy target to spot.

After the mission, around 20 ISIS terrorists escaped from the area. The source stated: “We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet.”

If the troops continue with the work like this, I am sure that the ISIS terrorists will be destroyed once and for all. Hopefully, missions like this will be a great winning addition to the whole battle.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Silence is Consent.

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