Six RINOs Paid By George Soros To Silence Trump? Guess Who’s Top On The List?

No matter how fair you are and how much you try to please everybody’s needs, certain people will still try and knock you down if it results in them benefiting in some sort of way. What’s even more disturbing about it is that the people, who turn their back against you, are often the people who you feel close to.

This is unfortunately what President Trump faces on a daily basis, when dealing with liberal RINO Republicans who choose to stand with Democrats and help them take down our commander-in-chief, and prevent him from fulfilling his promises to his followers.

It’s just sad to think that the people who want to see you fail are the same people you have to spend the most of your days with, the same people in your political party. Now, you might ask yourselves, how are these people still in office? Who is in fact, funding them and supporting them?

The answer might surprise you, but I doubt it. It is no other than crooked multi billionaire George Soros. That’s right. Soros has been the mastermind behind hundreds of liberal movements and organizations, all meant to bring down President Trump. This also includes those low-life Republicans who are actually willing to work with Democrats in order to take President Trump’s chair.

According to Joe for America:

“The political arena has been full of division and not just between Democrats and Republicans. The recent disaster with the Republican led healthcare bill shows that it is a war between moderate and conservative Republicans. A recent revelation shows that some Republicans are actually in the pockets of wealthy liberals who have monetarily compensated them to push back on Donald Trump.
The person funding these politicians is none other than George Soros. The same man who paid for protestors to be bussed in to various cities after the President was elected to make it appear their were a large amount of citizens who opposed his presidency.

The proof is in the pudding. The six Republican public servants who took not so public donations from Soros are none other than…

John McCain
Lindsay Graham
John Kasich
Marco Rubio
Ron Johnson
Paul Ryan

Soros is worth over twenty five billion dollars and has invested money into failed economies such as Greece which is in the middle of an economic crisis. He was a large contributor to President Obama’s campaigns as well.”

Thanks to George Soros’ money, Obama managed to start a revolutionary conspiracy meant to “fundamentally transform” the United States into a socialist dictatorship, which was supposed to be finished by Hillary Clinton. Fortunately for us however, President Trump beat Clinton to it. He won last fall’s elections putting a stop to their absurd “revolution.”

So now, Soros has nothing left but to use his money to pay liberal protesters and RINO Republicans willing to turn their back on their own leader, in order to desperately continue what they once started.

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Featured Image Source. H/T American Conservative Herald.

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