Sarah Sanders Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Bob Corker And Silence GOP Establishment

The establishment will not go easy. They have had it so easy for so long they will not give up without a fight.

That is to be expected but what makes it tragic is their track record is not good. Yet they cling to their failed ideas and actually want to double down on them.

But America rejected 40 years of failure and graft and corruption and greed and elected Trump.

Not because Trump promised new solutions – they all do that – but because Trump is not from the establishment we believed he would actually follow through on the new solutions.

History will judge Trump, not Bob Corker or the rest of the establishment GOP lined up against him.

Just as history will judge Bob Corker.

But since Trump has been in office for less than a year, it is too soon to make any judgments. But the GOP and Bob Corker and the Dems have clear records.

And they are not good.

Debt, war, wealth inequality, moving jobs overseas so they can skim off more profit through cheap labor, huge bureaucratic nightmares…the list is endless.

But they all come down to one thing – an attack on the American dream so the few can benefit.

They have done all they can to kill the golden goose and because we are smart we said no more and elected and we did just in time.

So when Bob Corker went after Trump saying he should leave foreign policy and North Korea and tax reform to the “professionals” Sarah could not keep quiet.

She had no choice but to set the devastating record straight.

And she did just that on Fox & Friends this morning. She looked into the camera and just took Bob Corker and the arrogant horse he rode in on apart – piece by piece.

“If Bob Corker is suggesting leaving it to the professionals and he’s referring to himself… we’ve left it to him long enough. This is a president who wants to be aggressive, who wants to take big action, and if Sen. Corker doesn’t want to be part of that I think that’s sad for his constituents, but we’re not going to let that get in the way of us moving forward.”

Correct. We have left it to the professional politicians for too long and they have made a mess of it. That is why we elected a non-professional politician like Trump.

It is as if the establishment hasn’t realized Hillary lost and this is all a bad dream for them. It’s real, get used to it. Share if you agree.

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