Sarah Sanders ATTACKED For Her Faith, But Her EPIC Response Will Make Christians Proud

Much like President Trump and many other Republicans, Sarah Huckabee Sanders often finds herself a target of the liberal media. But then again, much like our president, she exactly knows how to shut them up.

Earlier this week, possibly the biggest left-wing media out there the Washington Post, published an article titled “How Sarah Huckabee Sanders sees the world.”

They start off with a quote from Saturday Night Live which it had its own version of Sanders. In the SNL’s version Sanders says, “I’m no-nonsense,” adding, “but I’m all nonsense.”

The article continued by criticizing the White House press secretary for her views on religion, which she did not take very well. The author wrote that Christians “would be likely to raise eyebrows about a mother of young children taking such a high-powered, round-the-clock job.”

If you ask me the author’s opinion is complete nonsense, if you consider the quote Sanders gave them for the actual article.

“If someone says something about another faith, particularly liberals come to their defense in a raging motion, but if someone attacks a Christian, it’s perfectly fine. At some point, we became a culture that said that was okay.”

Unfortunately, the rapidly article circulated around the social media and before you know it, all eyes were on Sanders and President Trump’s White House. When the media asked for a response, Sanders calmly explained that she has massive amounts of respect for our Lord, shutting up the liberals once again.

“As a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model. And when I’m asked that question, I point to God. I point to my faith. And that’s where I always tell my kids to look,” she said.

You can’t hate her, I mean you really can’t. She is absolutely amazing! We are so lucky to have a person like Sanders in the White House, standing behind President Trump at all times.

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Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.

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