Sanders Delegates Could Be Turning On Biden – Over 400 Sign Petition Against Dem Platform Without Medicare For All

What’s Happening:

The Democratic Party is putting all their hopes on Joe Biden—but one wing might spoil everything.

Joe Biden has been trying to win over leftists in order to secure his base.

He’s even left his moderate position to become much more progressive.

Yet that doesn’t seem to be working, as a group of diehard Bernie Sanders threaten to revolt.

In fact, they signed a petition saying they won’t support the convention, unless the party embraces “Medicare-for-all”:

Just three weeks before the Democratic National Convention, hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates have pledged to vote against their party’s platform if it does not include support for “Medicare-for-all.”

…Delegates from Nevada organized the petition and nearly 500 of them – most of whom backed Sanders for president – have signed on, delegates told Fox News.

Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist, promised government-funded health care all Americans.

“Medicare-for-all” quickly became unpopular among voters, however, when some groups priced it at least $30 trillion.

Joe Biden frequently refused to support MFA, instead promising to improve the disastrous Obamacare.

Yet since becoming the presumptive nominee for the party, Biden has increasingly caved to left-wing demands.

If the party embraces MFA, it might create a large rift between Democrats and moderate voters.

President Trump can easily exploit that divide, driving more voter to his camp.

Bernie Sanders supporters appear determined to add MFA to the party platform. Recently, Joe Biden’s campaign worked with Sanders people to craft their agenda.

But will Biden go all the way to support a plan that would cost the country trillions (and put thousands in the medical industry out of work)?

If so, Trump might be seeing even more support surging his way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bernie Sanders delegates refuse to support the party’s platform without Medicare-for-all.
  • Joe Biden has previously rejected the proposal in support of Obamacare.
  • Biden’s campaign, however, has increasingly caved to the left-wing.

Source: Fox News

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