Rush Limbaugh Fires Warning Shot – Tells Trump’s Legal Team They Had Better Hurry Up With 2020 Election Evidence

What’s Happening:

Trump’s legal team has been talking for weeks about their evidence that the election was cheated. But plenty of people (mostly in the media) have doubted them.

The president’s lawyers made it clear that the real evidence, not rumors, not theories, will come out in the court of law. They refused to reveal details to the media.

After all, the mainstream media have hardly been Boy Scouts in recent years.

But you can forgive Republicans across American for getting impatient. Each day the MSM hits us over the head saying Sleepy Joe “won.”

So, Rush Limbaugh is putting a fire under these lawyers’ rear ends:

During his popular radio show Monday, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh warned that Trump’s legal team is running out of time and needs to produce results fast…

“Time, of course, is of the essence now, as it is speedily vanishing. They’re gonna have to act fast.”

If Trump’s team has the evidence necessary to overturn several swing states, Limbaugh says they must produce it “fast.”

But the fact remains that this evidence only needs to be presented to the courts—and perhaps to state legislatures who can decide electors.

Although we want this done ASAP, the media (even good old Rush) isn’t entitled to all the information. Everything will come out in court—so long as Trump’s team has the goods.

Rush is right on one thing, though. There are only so many days and weeks where a case can be made. January is just around the corner. If our democracy was cheated on November 3 (and 4th, 5th, and so on), something needs to happen soon.

The left’s scheme is obvious: keep pushing the line that Biden “won,” so Americans will give up hope. If there was any fraud or “irregularities,” the left certainly doesn’t want us to know about it.

But if the evidence exists, court or no, Americans should get to see it. This is our democracy, after all. We deserve to know if someone tried to steal it.

Do you want Trump’s team to release their evidence to the public immediately? Or do you think they should only show it to the courts?

Key Takeaways:

  • Rush Limbaugh urged Trump’s legal team to produce evidence of fraud if they have it.
  • He said his team needs to “act fast,” as the window to produce results is closing.
  • The media continues to push the narrative that nothing wrong occurred.

Source: The Conservative Opinion

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