QUESTION: Should THESE Men Get The DEATH PENALTY If Found Guilty of Raping a 9-Year-Old Girl?

Some liberals are against the death penalty. But this heinous crime should convince them that we need to keep the option on the table.

These four thugs gang-raped a 9-year-old girl from Utah. This story is so disturbing, you’ll be calling for these men’s lives to end!

Authorities report that this crime happened on Easter Sunday, of all days.

The young girl was brought to a meth house by her poor excuse for a mother, so the mother could visit a friend whom she met while in jail.

According to the report, this 9-year-old was placed, asleep, on the couch. The mother and her friend decided to leave her alone in the drug house, while they went to go get high in the garage. And that’s when the horrible crime took place.

When the women were done ruining what was left of their brain cells, they walked back into the house and found that the young girl’s clothes were disheveled. The girl said she wanted to go home. She did not speak about the heinous crimes inflicted upon her until two days later.

She admitted that she was dragged into another room, where the men took turns raping her, and then sodomizing her. As one of the men was raping her, he threatened her, saying that if she told anyone what happened, she would be killed.

These despicable men have been arrested. One has been charged with one count of child rape and one count of sodomizing a child. These are first degree felonies. The other three are expected to be charged as well. These monsters’ names are: Larson James RonDeau, 36; Jerry Flatlip, 29; Randall Flatlip, 26; and Josiah RonDeau, 20.

The Sheriff’s Office has stated that the girl has been removed from her mother’s custody, and put in the hands of the state. There she will receive proper care and supervision. Hopefully her life will improve from here on out.

Anyone who believes these four men should be allowed to live needs to question their sanity. You have to be cruel and absolutely heartless to inflict this kind of violence on a child. These men cannot be changed, they can only be stopped — and stopped permanently.

As for the mother, well, anyone who chooses a drug over their own child is a poor excuse for a human being. Methamphetamine is a horrible drug that ruins lives, and we need to get it off our streets.

In the meantime, this mother should be in prison for a very long time, not only for illegal drugs, but for child endangerment!

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