President Trump Beats The Pope, Becoming The Most Followed World Leader on Twitter

President Donald Trump just won a battle — and all he needed to do was bring down the pope in the process.

The rivalry between the Pope and our President is well-known to us.  The men for the most part fought about immigration, and the fights were often instigated by his Holiness.

Conservative Christians were then forced to pick whether they support the leader of their party or the leader of their religion.

In the event that support is measured in the quantity of Twitter followers, Trump just took the lead this week. As per Fox News, Trump just surpassed the number of followers enjoyed by Pope Francis with 40 million Twitter followers.

If President Trump cares about surpassing the Pope and becoming the most-followed leader in the entire world, then we can say that this is pretty big accomplishment. Considering that the quantity of Catholics effectively dwarfs the quantity of American citizens.

What do you think about this? This would be a friendly rivalry that everyone would enjoy watching.

Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.

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