Pelosi’s Daughter Endorses Violent Assault Against Covid-19 Victim, Senator Paul

Steven Ahle’s opinion| Here’s one crabapple that didn’t fall far from the tree. Christine Pelosi is just as vile as her mother. Christine wrote that Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.

His neighbor, Rene Boucher, a 59-year-old retired anesthesiologist tackled Paul from behind, breaking six ribs and led to him having part of one lung removed. Boucher has been ordered to pay Paul $580,000 over that assault.

Isn’t it amazing that while the Democrats who call Republicans racists and terrorists, it’s always the Democrats who get violent or egg others on to do violence like Maxine Waters. Not to mention the fact that white liberals have a tendency to attack Black men and women who support Trump or the Republican party.

Same thing with Planned Parenthood. The vast majority in this country is white but Planned parenthood aborts more Black babies than white. Margaret Sanger who founded PP started it for the express purpose of aborting Black babies. In NYC there are more abortions of Black babies than there are births of the same. That’s a devastating statistic.

From The Gateway Pundit

Christine Pelosi on Monday endorsed the violent assault against Senator Rand Paul.

“Rand Paul’s neighbor was right” Christine Pelosi tweeted in response to Senator Paul’s remarks on his Coronavirus diagnosis.

Senator Paul announced Sunday he tested positive for the Coronavirus yet he was still asymptomatic.

But the fraudstream media accused the GOP lawmaker of putting others on the Hill at risk by continuing to work.

Senator Paul released a statement on Monday explaining his actions.

But another reporter claimed Rand Paul said he was concerned about his wife not getting Coronavirus since she has MS — and Pelosi’s daughter responded by cheering the violent assault against the Republican senator.

Senator Paul had part of his lung removed last August due to damage from the politically motivated assault by his neighbor.

Boucher was found guilty of assault last year and ordered to pay Senator Paul $580,000.

Christine Pelosi believes Senator Paul deserved having part of his lung removed from a politically motivated felony assault.

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