Pelosi Lets Her ‘Phase 4’ Pet Project Slip Out – It Looks Like Nancy Wants ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’

Just about every time word of a relief bill comes up, Pelosi is ready—like a cobra—to strike. But instead of deadly poison, this viper wants to stick us with radical liberal programs. (Maybe that’s worse than poison?)

But this time, she may have gone too far. This “Phase 4” bill doesn’t seem to be about saving jobs or business.

In fact, it appears Pelosi is taking a page out of AOC’s and Sanders’ book, deSocialmanding a major socialist program.

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week floated the possibility of a guaranteed minimum income as part of a potential Phase 4 response to the coronavirus crisis — an idea being pushed by left-wing members of the Democratic Party such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Yeah, okay, Nance. The Speaker is “floating” the idea that the next relief bill will include guaranteed income for Americans.

Hey, if we didn’t let you slip funding in for the Green New Deal the last time, what makes you think we’re going to allow this?

Democrats are making the push for the disastrous “universal income” scheme, by saying the lockdowns took away too many jobs.

What they don’t seem to realize (or admit), that once states reopen, those jobs come back. It might take some time (especially in Democrat-run states), but the economy will revive.

This was a medical crisis, not an economic one. The needs we had before this haven’t gone away. Every business owner that wants to open their doors will.

And they’ll need those employees to keep things running smoothly.

In our opinion, “guaranteed minimum income” will deprive people of going out there are finding jobs. It will cripple our small businesses, as people who should be working won’t.

And that’s not even getting into how monumentally expensive it would be (or how it would attract border jumpers like never before).

Does Nancy Pelosi realize how utterly dangerous this plan is? Or does she not care? Maybe she wants Americans poor and broke, so they’ll have to depend on her?

Maybe we should give her a break, though. After all, she’s been collecting a government salary for over 30 years. And it doesn’t seem she’s lifted a finger to earn it!

The only good news is that, with Trump in the White House, this will never pass. But if by some disaster Biden is elected, all bets are off.

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Source: Fox News

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