P Diddy Has a Dream To Own all-Black NFL Football League

It seems that liberals are starting to get severely frustrated with the fact that President Trump is refusing to back down in his battle against the NFL. As you all know, over the past few months numerous NFL players have joined together in some sort of protest against our commander-in-chief.

However, things are not going as smooth as they hoped they would. Patriots across the country have now started protesting against the NFL players who chose to turn their back on our American values. Thanks to that, the NFL is now experiencing a ton of problems, from surprisingly low ratings to the suspension of ESPN’s activist-sportscaster Jemele Hill.

Just face it, people don’t want to see politics get involved with their sports. It is as simple as that. Some people however, are not willing to make peace with that. Take American rapper Sean “P. Diddy” for instance. The artist went on his Twitter account where he expressed his opinion regarding this situation.

Apparently, he is now furious with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for telling the players that they should “honor our flag.”

Considering the massive negative feedback to the NFL’s politicization, I’d say that P.Diddy may actually have a better chance of executing a successful NFL replacement than any other former league attempts, if he removed politics out of the sport itself. But here is the problem. He doesn’t want to do that.

Nobody is stopping you from trying Combs, but the results are quite obvious. The fact of the matter is, these players disrespected the National Anthem. They disrespected our president, our leader!

The National Football League is going down, unless of course, they choose to change their ways and separate from the world of politics. Players such as Colin Kaepernick, should never be allowed on the football field again.

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Featured Image Source. H/T The Conservative Fighters.

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