Right After The NFL United Against Trump And America, They Got The Worst News Imaginable

NFL players from almost every team, joined together to prove a point in some kind of protest against our President and our country.

Three teams, the Seahawks Titans and Steelers, remained in the locker room amid the national anthem. Just a single player from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Alejandro Villanueva, was brave enough to stand for our flag and anthem.

He served three tours in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.

NFL players seem to be proud of themselves for this behavior, but after these events, fans reacted and it turns out that the feedback is bad.

An article from our source The Hollywood Reporter, states that NFL ratings could trim the broadcaster’s income by $200 million!

While on the other side our President remains with the most of the Americans on this issue. A Reuters poll found that 72% of Americans think that this form of protest is unpatriotic.

This is simple. It’s their right to choose whether they will participate or not, but they wouldn’t be here if our military members did not fought for their freedom. Perhaps they have to consider that.

Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.

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