Moments Ago This NFL Protester Lost Major Endorsement, Football Fans FREAKING Out

It looks like another NFL superstar decided to join the anti-Trump list. As you all know, lately several NFL players have decided to engage in some kind of activity that expresses their anti-Trump stance.

This time, American football player and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has protested by raising his fist in the air in honor of black power. This Sunday, the 2015 MVP player raised his fist to express his pride as an African-American citizen.

As our source the New York Times reported, during the fourth quarter of his most recent game, the NFL player pushed his way through the end zone where he took a strong stance, bowed his head and clenched his left fist as he was raising it in the air in honor of black pride.

“It was to signify black power,” said Newton right after the football game adding, “but more important, I pray every night for god to give me a pinnacle to give people hope.”

To add more fuel to the fire, yesterday Newton decided to make a sexist comment aimed towards a female reporter. According to Bleacher Report, because of his poor actions Newton lost a lucrative endorsement deal with the Dannon Yogurt Company.

The company reportedly announced on Thursday that the Carolina Panthers quarterback is no longer considered to be the brand’s spokesman.

When will these NFL players learn that they should keep politics away from football? We do not need more cases similar to Kaeperenick’s. I don’t know about you, but I miss the good old days where I could just relax and enjoy a nice game of football without any political interruptions. Because of players like these, the National Football

League is losing its reputation. Americans have started switching the channel when a game is on, which in my opinion, should not happen. Football is where we all unite, not where we fight with each other.

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Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.



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