Monica Lewinsky Sets Internet On Fire, Says The One Thing That Will Shame Hillary Forever

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tried to take the the arrogant road against the sexual predator and former mega Clinton campaign donor Harvey Weinstein.

Well she can’t win for trying.

After she did not give back his cash, saying that there was nobody to give it to, no one bought her tears.

As our source reports, not only that The Clinton Foundation is not going to give back the money, came out that Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton’s legal bills when he was accused of sexual assault.

This was not the end of Hillary’s fake outrage.

But someone just rained on Hillary’s pity parade. Thanks to Monica Lewinsky, Hillary’s worst nightmare was confirmed with one devastating tweet that set the internet on fire. Here’s the tweet that Monica saw online.

Her reply was very simple.

The internet’s swift reaction must hurt Hillary so bad. Take a look.

While she is trying to pretend and look the real hero for women and playing the victim, she forgot the real victims of her crime machine.

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