Moments After Biden Tries To Deny He’s “Slow Joe”- Video Shows The Poor Guy Losing His Train Of Thought

Joe Biden will have to be on top of his game in the next few months. The presidential election is coming up fast in November, and Biden’s sharpness will be tested.

Republicans and President Donald Trump have often called out Biden’s mental fitness. But Democrats claim these are just cheap shots, and the former Vice President is quite sound.

Biden had a chance to address the accusations  of “Slow Joe” during a recent CNN interview.

But it may not have gone as planned, as Biden couldn’t quite deliver a quick-witted response to the accusation. In fact, he became a little difficult to understand.

When talking to CNN host Jake Tapper, the Democrat presidential candidate tried to compare himself to Trump.

However, the result may not have helped his cause:

Who’s, I mean, this idea of, you know, ‘Slow Joe.’

I, anyway, I, I shouldn’t laugh about it because, uh, anyway, Donald Trump, uh, just look at us both, watch us, and determine whether or not you think, uh, um, I’m misleading anyone, not you personally, but the public, you know, look at me, judge me based on…

While one could argue that President Trump could indeed be in better shape, Biden does appear to slip and stumble during speeches quite often.

Some of it is very subjective; everyone makes little errors when speaking (including Trump), and Biden performed well during the Democratic National Convention.

However, we’ve seen a few potentially concerning examples of Biden’s mental state in 2020. Again, there is some subjectivity involved, but he doesn’t always help his cause.

For instance, there was an interview in August where Biden tried to defend his mental fitness:

Anyway, I am uh, I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical and mental fil- my physical as well as my mental fil- fitness.

If Biden is to secure the trust and faith of the American people, he will have to come across as fully capable to lead.

Democrats and leftists believe he is indeed capable. But many on the other side of the aisle are quick to disagree.

How will it all shake out in November…?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden attempted to defend the “Slow Joe” accusation during a recent CNN interview.
  • But while he tried to compare himself to Donald Trump, Biden ultimately appeared to lose his train of thought.
  • There are many similar examples in 2020, which may or may not negatively impact Biden’s presidential chances.

Source: The Daily Wire

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