Migrants Show Up to Get Welfare Checks – Get a BRUTAL SURPRISE Instead!

For far too long migrants have drained the system and abused welfare, funded by hard-working taxpayers. But when they arrived to collect their welfare on January 1, they got a nasty surprise instead.

The migrants were informed of a new “requirement” for obtaining handouts.

In an effort to crack down on economic migrants and make them easier to deport, Switzerland has officially banned citizenship for migrants who have accepted any form of welfare in the last 3 years as well as directing those who have to pay it back, according to Kronen Zeitung. Migrants who have lived on state handouts will have their citizenship applications denied in a monumental move to prevent foreign welfare abusers from living in Switzerland and on taxpayer funds indefinitely.

The legislation went into effect on January 1 and requires migrants to obtain full-time employment as well as reimburse the nation for any welfare received during their stay. Those who meet this requirement will have the right to apply for Swiss citizenship, a privilege that countless migrants have sought in order to exempt them from extradition in the event that they are convicted of a deportable offense.

The law will also make permanent residence documents granted to asylum seekers and migrants invalid as long as they have lived on welfare benefits in the last three years. The previous legislation provided a loophole for welfare abusers who were not receiving state handouts only during the time of their application.

Breitbart reported that, along with stricter welfare stipulations, language requirements have been put into place, forcing migrants applying for citizenship to learn to speak, read, and write the language of their particular Swiss district. Additionally, migrants who have been imprisoned for a sentence of more than three months are prohibited from the naturalization process and will be deported.

The requirement follows a series of restrictions involving mostly Muslim migrants in Switzerland. For example, in June 2016, Swiss immigration officials announced that Muslim migrants who cite their religious compulsions as a refusal to participate in school curricula like co-ed swimming lessons will be denied citizenship.

One month later, Switzerland announced a “burqa ban” that would fine culprits who refuse to remove their Islamic veil up to $10,100 per offense.

Thanks to tough legislation, migrants are avoiding Switzerland in order to travel to countries that have a more relaxed welfare system. Many migrants who enter Switzerland do so to reach Germany, which has revealed that 75 percent of its refugee population will be unemployed and be living on welfare for life.

Do you think the United States should take similar steps to Switzerland?

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