Meghan McCain Rips Whoopi And Sleazy Dem Rep Wilson For Calling Trump A Liar

Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan recently joined the cast of ABC’s hard-left political talk show The View as their token conservative, replacing the departed Jedediah Bila.

Some were worried that McCain would end up just agreeing with the liberals like her father has done, but she has actually proved to be a vocal foil for liberal blowhards Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

On a recent episode, Whoopi, Joy and the rest tried to mock President Trump as usual, with Joy saying,

“[H]e hasn’t made a single cash donation to any charity in the past five years. Right before the inauguration I believe it was he had to pay $25 million in damages for the fraud at Trump University. When he’s forced to pay, he has to come up with the cash, if it’s voluntary the check is in the mail.”

Shot back McCain, “I’m having a really hard time with this it’s so deeply politicizing military service on both sides. ”

She later pointed out how hypocritical it was for Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson to try to accuse President Trump of not caring for soldiers.

Said Meghan, “Give me a moment. Yesterday Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who was on yesterday was saying that her voting record was amazing towards supporting the troops. It actually came out-”

Joy cut her off, saying pointlessly, “The Congresswoman.” McCain continued, “Yes. That it wasn’t as supportive. She opposed a bill that could have insured families of soldiers slain in Afghanistan received death and burial benefits during a government shutdown. I don’t like the politicizing on either side, anyway, of slain soldiers!” Are you glad McCain set the liberal View hosts straight about the falsehoods they keep spreading?

Featured Image Source. H/T Conservative 101.

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