Marshawn Lynch Sits For American National Anthem, Stands For Mexican Anthem

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders star running back, disrespected our country by sitting on the bench Sunday during the America’s national anthem, but stood for the Mexican anthem.

Take a look at the tweeted photos from Boston Globe reporter Ben Volin, showing Lynch during both anthems for the game against the New England Patriots, which was played in Mexico City.

Mexico is known for having horrible record on human rights. Human Rights Watch points out that state sanctioned murder, torture and abuse are common in the country.

Lynch stood for the country where clean cops and good journalists are endangered species. The country where cartels run local law enforcement, and school children go missing just to end up dead. The drug war alone has also claimed the lives of 200,000 people. It is a bloodbath south of the border.

Standing for the Mexican anthem, but not America’s, is an incredible amount of disrespect. What was he thinking?

There is absolutely no comparison between the United States, who Lynch won’t stand for, and the horrific things that happen in Mexico. Absolutely disgraceful decision by Lynch.

Featured Image Source. H/T The Daily Caller.

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