BREAKING NOW: Karma Just Stormed Chuck Schumer’s House! He’s Afraid For His LIFE!

The Democrats decided to defend the illegal immigrants and shut down the government.

The most responsible person for its lockdown is Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer.

Schumer actually prioritized the illegals before the military and jeopardized the safety of the American citizens.

However, Schumer didn’t see much success and now he will suffer the consequences. President Trump is the winner once again and he will fix the issue with the illegal immigrants.

After the shutdown was ended on Monday, several individuals visited the U.S. Capitol and protested against the Democrats who “abandoned” the so-called Dreamers. These dreamers are immigrants who were illegally enjoying the freedom in the US. The protesters were shouting the names of the Democrats and were chanting “Shame!”

However, it didn’t stop there. Once again, on Tuesday, another group of around 100 protesters rallied up in Upper Senate Park and requested the vote on immigration legislation that was pledged by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Also, Schumer experienced some of these protests on his street in New York City. Breitbart’s reporters filmed the whole happening on Schumer’s street. He deserves all of it and they shouldn’t stop the protests until he learns his lesson.

Immigrant rights organization Make the Road New York’s member Walter Barrientos explained that his group is planning rallies in Manhattan and at the street of Schumer’s residence.

“We are planning on being relentless in our pressure for the next two weeks. We can’t allow him to fail us again,” Barrientos stated.

Trump announced his plan to dismiss DACA in September. Since then, we have experienced a lot of protests by the immigrants who got scared of being deported. However, the majority of them don’t deserve to stay in our country because of their violence and disobedience.

Schumer led the Democrats who refused to sign the spending bill because it didn’t protect the Dreamers. They were even willing to put the government on lockdown. Fortunately, the Republican’s claim that the Democrats “had prioritized illegal immigrants over American citizens,” the shut down had to be ended.

Why doesn’t Schumer open his home and let the Dreamers join him to prove that it is worth it? No, he has decided to hide and avoid the consequences. Our country doesn’t need people who act like him.

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H/T: Freedom Daily.

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