Just In: McSally Formally Introduces Bill to Withhold Senate Pay Until Relief Package Passes

While part of the country is sheltering in place and the other is worrying about how the nation is going to dig itself out of the economic hole we have put ourselves in, members of Congress are not worried about one thing … getting paid.

That will not be the case of Senator McSally gets her way.

Today Ms. McSally published the following:

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) introduced legislation today to withhold pay from all U.S. Senators until a COVID-19 relief and support package is passed.

“If Americans aren’t getting paid, then neither should the Senators failing to support the workers and families who need help making ends meet,” said McSally. “Today, I introduced legislation to have Senators’ pay withheld until relief is passed. It is despicable that millions of Americans are without a paycheck in this time of crisis, while the Senate wastes precious time playing political games. The Senate must pass this relief package now in order to get cash straight to the people.”

Bill text of No COVID-19 Relief, No Pay is available HERE.

On March 23, McSally announced her intention to introduce a bill to withhold Senators’ pay until Americans are put before politics.

Today Martha McSally introduced a bill which seeks to withhold the pay of United States Senators until such time that they pass a COVID-19 relief package.

Here is the full text of the resolution:


There is one catch to the Senator’s bill … the Senators would not lose the money, it would just be held in escrow.

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