Joe Biden Just Found A Tricky Gift From Trump – Donald Stuck Him With Dozens Of Allies On Government Boards

What’s Happening:

Soon after he entered office, Joe Biden wiped out many of Trump’s leaders. It should come as no surprise that Biden would want to get rid of whoever faithfully served a conservative president.

But Joe quickly realized that not every Trump did would be so easily erased. Congress and the rest of the swamp will learn that lesson, too.

And one of the things Trump did will come back to bite Biden. Let’s just call it a parting gift.

From Politico:

Before leaving office, Donald Trump appointed dozens of allies and former aides to a wide range of government boards and commissions — and there’s not much Joe Biden can do about it…

Biden’s team is trying to determine whether they can do anything about the appointments, a person familiar with the situation said. “We are tracking closely and seeing what we can do,” the person said.

Unfortunately for Joe, Trump put some of his staunchest allies onto powerful boards. These aren’t cabinet positions that are typically replaced when a new person enters office.

Pam Bondi will be overseeing the Kennedy Center. Kellyanne Conway, a longtime Trump ally, will be working on the board of the Air Force Academy. And Corey Lewandowski, who ran Trump’s campaign, will be serving the secretary of defense.

Oo, that’s really gotta chap Biden’s hide! His people are scrambling to find ways of getting rid of these people.

But there isn’t much hope. These appointments didn’t need Senate approval and they stick around for their entire term—which can last for years.

Also, the value these people add to these boards makes them attractive to many. Biden can’t just step in and get rid of them—they’re needed.

And, considering the kind of people Biden is picking for top spots, he really doesn’t understand how to vet folks.

These boards won’t be quick to remove Trump’s people—even if they could. Biden’s team is comprised of swamp dwellers, Democrat cronies, and establishment types.

Trump brought the best and brightest. It’s good to know a few of them will stick around, at least for a little while.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump appointed many people to key boards just before leaving office.
  • Biden will not be able to remove these people from their positions.
  • These Trump allies might serve these boards for years.

Source: Politico

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