Joe Biden Goes After Trump On China – He Says Donald Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Is Fear-Mongering

The choice for Americans this November has never been more clear: a president fighting to save our lives or Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has been leading the charge to end the spread of this virus and keep Americans safe. Joe Biden has done nothing but criticize.

In fact, the only time he has a good idea… Trump’s already done it!

Many on the left (including Sleepy Joe) refuse to give Trump credit for his hard work. Some even have their panties in a twist over Trump’s use of the term “Chinese Virus.”

What is Joe worried about? This…

From Twitter:

Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.

Yep. As if on cue, Joe Biden is attacking Trump. He’s using the same, tired slander the left has used for years. He’s accusing Trump’s use of the term “Chinese Virus” as fear-mongering and xenophobic.

No, that’s not right, Joe. The only people fear-mongering are your allies in the liberal media. They have stoked Americans’ fears over this virus, just to hurt the president politically.

But what’s really interesting is how much Joe’s attack sounds like something else we read.

From Twitter:

Racism is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence

Right now, China’s scrambling to save face over their massive incompetence. It was their fault this spread around the world.

But instead of taking responsibility, they are trying to blame the United States. Funny how the Chinese media’s attack sounds a lot like Joe.

We do know Joe and his son Hunter have been buddy-buddy with China for years. Hmm… something smells pretty fishy, huh?

With the country facing a crisis like this, who do you want leading the way? A man with proven leadership skills and experience to what’s right? Or a man with a track record of confusing basic facts, who hides behind attacks of racism?

I know how I’m picking.

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Source: Twitter, Twitter

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