Joe Biden Goes After The Supreme Court – He Just Kicked Off A Major Commission On Court Packing

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden claimed he was going to be a moderate president. But in his first week, he signed more orders than the last four presidents combined.

He is pushing radical changes that have already cost us 11,000 jobs.

During the campaign, he was cagey about his stance on the Supreme Court. Or on the big issue of court-packing.

But now he is moving forward with an ominous commission that might destroy the independence of our courts for good.

From Politico:

The Biden administration is moving forward with the creation of a bipartisan commission to study reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary…

But, in a signal that the commission is indeed moving ahead, some members have already been selected, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions.

Joe Biden is forming a commission to “study reforms” to our federal courts.

Oh really? Democrats never wanted to “reform” the courts, until Trump lawfully appointed over 200 judges and 3 Supreme Court Justices.

Suddenly, our courts need to change! Maybe that has something to do with the fact that, for decades, Democrats have used the courts to ram through their agenda.

When Americans refused to support their left-wing policies, Democrats could rely on activist judges to do so.

But that all changed when Trump reshaped many of our federal courts, including the Supreme Court.

Democrats got their greasy clutches on Congress and the White House. Now, they want to pollute our courts, so no American will ever be heard again.

Don’t be fooled by talk of a “bipartisan” commission. Do you really think Biden will pick conservatives like Ted Cruz (a constitutional scholar) or Lindsey Graham (a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee) to be a part of this group?

Of course not. He’ll pick “conservatives” who will walk lockstep with the swamp’s agenda.

But it remains to be seen what this mysterious commission will want to do to the courts. They might want to pack them. Or they might want to set term limits.

Regardless, they will seek ways to remove Trump’s picks so that they can replace them with radical judges.

But such a move could destroy the Constitutional balance of power.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden created a commission to “reform” federal courts.
  • Democrats have long used the courts to push their agenda.
  • This commission might try to pack the courts or set term limits.

Source: Politico

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