Hours After Biden Cuts Thousands Of Blue-Collar Jobs – Democrats Defend Removing ‘Dead Weight’ Jobs That Won’t Exist In 30 Years

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden has been blasted over the last few days for his attempts to kill thousands of jobs.

Some of his executive orders outraged labor unions, as 11,000 jobs were lost.

Even as many struggle to get back to work during the pandemic, he does this. Not great, Joe.

On top of that, his moves will raise energy prices for all Americans.

Worse still, Democrats appear totally callous to the loss of jobs. Many Americans will struggle to feed their kids.

This is what one liberal leader said. From Breitbart:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) praised President Joe Biden’s climate actions and addressed criticisms that they’ll hurt jobs by stating that fighting climate change helps create jobs and that “We do not want to shackle our children to the dead weight of jobs that aren’t going to exist 30 years from now.”

Yep, you read that right. Democrat Jay Inslee insulted the thousands of Americans who lost jobs—and the many more who will soon—by calling them “dead weight.”

Oh, the jobs won’t be around in 30 years? How the heck do you know that? And what about the next thirty years?

Do you know what would be nice for Americans to do during that time? FEED THEIR KIDS.

This elitist doesn’t care about the blue-collar families who will lose their homes, struggle to make ends meet, and suffer thanks to Biden.

Other Democrats insulted roughnecks and other working-class Americans, saying they should just get other jobs in “clean” energy.

As if starts in San Francisco are higher blue-collar workers from Texas or Pennsylvania.

Hey, the labor unions backed this guy. Biden told the entire country he would “end” oil. What were you think he was going to do?

Inslee says our “children” will be able to get jobs in clean energy. But their parents won’t. What hope do those kids have at getting good jobs, if they can’t even afford college?

I guess Inslee doesn’t have to worry about all that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden is killing many fossil fuel jobs, costing thousands of Americans work.
  • Democrat Jay Inslee insulted them, calling their jobs “dead weight.”
  • Democrats claim blue-collar workers can get jobs in “clean” energy, despite the unlikelihood of that happening.

Source: Breitbart

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