WATCH: Hillary’s Anti-GOP Rant Went So Overboard, Ellen Herself Stepped in to Defend Republicans (VIDEO)

We all know that Hillary Clinton can’t get over the loss on last year’s election so she is blaming others.

Hillary blasted the direction of the Republican party, in a rant on Friday’s “Ellen” show, titling it as racist and sexist.

However, for some miracle, Ellen DeGeneres had to rein Clinton in, coming to the defense of Republicans.

In her appearance, Hillary claimed that her loss was not due to her mistakes she made but also to other “forces at play” having major influence on the election. Guess who she blamed. The Russians! It was not hard was it? Well you are not the only one laughing. She earned a laughter even from her own supporters in the audience. She actually remained serious in the assertion, however, claiming they had much more involvement than even she realized.

Then she started shooting at the republicans, accusing them of promoting “white supremacy, misogyny and homophobia”.

Her anti-Republican rant went over the limits having Ellen herself to step in saying she wanted to make it clear that there are many good Republicans. For a dedicated Hillary supporter, Ellen’s attempt to temper Clinton’s rhetoric was shocking.

As Breitbart reports:

When asked if Trump will last four years, Clinton said, “I can’t predict it, but I believe that it really does come down both to the investigation that’s going on and to whether Republicans will decide that they have to put our country before their party. And I hope that enough of them will decide to do that.”

She continued, “It’s disturbing, and it’s obviously upsetting to me because I see things happening around the world that are bad for our country that are dangerous that really pose a threat. And then I see all this happening inside our country when they push through this tax plan — it’s going to hurt so many people. Look, it’s going to help a lot of really rich people—who they care about, that’s who their donors are—but it’s going to hurt, I mean can you imagine taking away the deduction for a teacher who buys supplies for their classrooms—I mean who thinks like that? And so there is a lot that is going to end up hurting people And then obviously flaming [sic] the flames of white supremacy and misogyny and homophobia and everything else that is unfortunately at work.”

Watch DeGeneres in the video below, stepping in to balance out Clinton’s rant with some common sense. Sadly, this is the only time you’ll see Ellen defending Republicans.

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Featured Image Source. H/T Silence Is Consent.

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