Hillary In Deeper Crap After Investigators Just Learned What Else She Was Hiding

These couple of years were the worst for Hillary Clinton. It turns out that she might be the most corrupt politicians in the United States.

She is responsible for many scandals and frauds, and there is no way out of it. It is just getting worse and worse every day.

If you ask me, the worst of her crimes is the fake dossier that she created against President Trump. She funded Fusion GPS and created a false story that accused Trump of colliding with Russia in order to win the presidential elections. There is enough evidence to show us that her narrative isn’t true. As a result, she needs to be punished.

Now, new emails were revealed and this time they show that Clinton was aware of the risks of having a private email server. These emails were gathered by Judicial Watch with a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Three of them show that sensitive information was distributed.

On June 6th of 2011, Justin Coope sent an email to Hillary that stated: “All of your older messages will remain on the server. There is a way for me to move everything onto the new device, but the security whizzes have convinced me that this is a horrible thing to do because you also transfer any viruses, spyware and junk overseas providers hide on there.”

Furthermore, it was revealed that Hillary funded Bryan Pagliano to maintain her email server. She tried to get out of this situation by claiming that it was only to protect the money from the taxpayers. However, it was only to hide her corruption.
Here are the three emails that show the awareness of risks that Hillary Clinton had. She knew about the danger of having a private server and still distributed classified information.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that Hillary neglected the report that she sent classified information. However, the emails show that she sent sensitive data to Cooper, who served as an associate to her husband, Bill Clinton.

The biggest problem is that we don’t see Hillary punished for anything. Hopefully, her luck will end and she will finally face some consequences.

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H/T: VeteranAF.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. KJM

    January 24, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    What does it take to get this evil woman behind bars????? How many crimes can one person committ before they get put away. The kid in KY who shot the kids at school yesterday, I am sure is sitting in jail. How many murders did she commit as well as all the other crimes, as long as a person’s arm, in fine print. GET THIS EVIL WITCH OFF THE STREET AND LOCKED UP IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

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