Jesse Waters Punches Back Hillary Clinton With One EPIC Sentence After She Insulted Trump On Vegas

President Trump is one of the few presidents in the history of the United States that actually fought for the people. Not for themselves and their own interests. Unfortunately, not all Americans appreciate that.

President Donald Trump is a patriot. He cares about his country, his cares about the American tradition and most importantly, he cares about the U.S. citizens. Last Sunday’s horrific incident in Las Vegas in which as you all know 58 people were killed, left millions of Americans including our commander-in-chief completely heartbroken.

One look at President Trump’s response after the tragic attack will prove my point. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, who is well-known for criticizing our president every chance she gets, somehow found a way to turn Trump’s response into a negative thing.

She tried to shame him for his response, despite the fact that both President Trump and First Lady Melania visited numerous victims who were hospitalized after the attack.

Fox News’ Jesse Waters however, seems to have had enough of Clinton’s absurd comments. He wasted no time exposing for the hypocrite she truly is.

“Has the Clinton Foundation donated to Harvey? To Puerto Rico?” Waters asked. “I want to see the receipts.”

“Has Hillary been to Vegas? Does the book tour not go to Vegas?”

“She could easily be in Vegas comforting victims but no,” he continued.

“She’s the one tweeting, she’s the one hawking her book for cash. While Trump’s comforting victims and Trump’s bailing out people.”

“So I don’t want to hear it anymore, she’s a punchline.”

Ouch, that hurt! So while Hillary Clinton wasted her time trying to “shame” President Trump for being a “bad” leader, she forgot one thing, she is married to one of the worst president the U.S. has witnessed. It’s pathetic!

She is claiming that she would have done a much better job as president than Donald Trump. Yeah right, keep telling yourself that Clinton. It doesn’t even matter because you are the only one that believes it.

Take a look at his genius response:

What do you think? Does Jesse Waters have a point? Comment down below!

Featured Image Source. H/T The Lutchman Report.



  1. FedUP

    October 9, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    We, the American people, no longer get offended by what Killary states because 1. We’ve heard it all from her. 2. We know she’s a pathological liar. 3. She is married to the biggest pedophile/pervert in American Presidency history. She is a money whore and will do ANYTHING for money, including pimp out her granddaughter. Wonder how she would feel about “rape” if it were her daughter or granddaughter….hmmmmm?

  2. Pamela Slone

    October 9, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Yes to Jesse she is so pathic. Love it Jesse keep it up. We are all sick sick sick of Hillary. She needs to be in jail.

  3. Michael P Saladen

    October 9, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Here Here, Mr. Waters, Well done… Hillary is not even a funny punchline… what a waste of good air… It is about time that some more people in the media stand up and b___h slap down the b___hes for their insensitive and inaccurate statements regarding our President… Again Mr. Waters well done!!!

    I fail to understand why Hillary, Obama, and their minions have not been locked up yet and been tried for all their misconduct, lawlessness, and traitorous acts against our nation and our people… AG Sessions either grow a pair and do the right thing and begin prosecuting and firing the special counsel, or step down and allow someone who has a pair and understands the difference between right and wrong, begins to lock up the vermin from the previous administrations…

  4. Essell Cee

    October 12, 2017 at 4:13 am

    If by ‘better’ she means opening up the border, under the directions of her George Soros Open Society handlers, so that a hefty portion of the world’s estimated 7-8 BILLION populace could just waltz right in and make themselves at home, yeah, she coulda done a better job of that.

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