NO SHOW: Hillary Clinton Humiliated In London

It seems that the people are not responding very positive to Hillary Clinton’s new book. Her whiny behavior and comments regarding her book tour have made her a target amongst Americans.

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States and Hillary’s husband, said that her book portrays her in the worst possible way. In fact, he is reportedly furious with her whiny comments in the book. He added that the title itself is quite embarrassing because it clearly shows that she is still not over the fact she lost the 2016 presidential elections.

Now instead of focusing on moving on and find other fields she can upgrade herself in, Clinton has chosen to cry over President Trump’s victory and blame everyone for her loss. Everyone besides the person she needs to blame the most, herself.

She recently took her toxic attitude in London, where she continued to blame President Trump for allegedly “cheating” his way to victory. However, things took an unexpected turn when Clinton was criticizing our commander-in-chief for being “the sexual assaulter in the White House.” While she was doing that, a London television host looked at her and asked, but what about Bill?

You should have seen it! Her eyes immediately popped out of her sockets, she turned white. You could spot the hatred in her from a mile away. After that interview, Clinton had a few more interviews scheduled that day.

As our sources informed us, she had interviews scheduled with BBC’s Woman’s Hour, BBC’s Graham Norton Show, and also with the ITV’s This Morning show. Here’s where things got really interesting. She did not show up. That’s right, she bailed. She ran away like the coward she truly is.

“Hillary Clinton was forced to make a series of embarrassing media cancellations today after falling and hurting her foot,” reported the Daily Mail.

Hillary later reported that she had an injury and that she had some health problems during her campaign. The London media however, are not buying her little skit. You’re not fooling anyone Hillary, just face it, you are scared.

ITV’s This Morning Phillip Schofield posted on Instagram regarding the whole situation, saying, “Supposed to be interviewing Hillary Clinton, but she’s fallen over and her foot!! Gutted.”

What do you think? Is Hillary trying to hide from the London media? Scroll down and comment below!

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