Former Secretary Of State John Kerry: ‘We Have A President Controlled By Putin, Who Is Not Protecting The Interests Of The United States of America’

This Tuesday during MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” ex-Secretary of State John Kerry once again attacked President Donald Trump for his good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kerry, who worked as the nation’s top diplomat under ex-President Obama, claimed that Trump was somehow beholdened to Putin.

“I think it’s obvious by now, having witnessed the president’s appearance in Helsinki where we stood feat away from Putin after having had a meeting with him, and he literally threw the entire American intelligence community over the bridge,” Kerry stated.

“I mean, just threw them out, saying in front of Putin that he had denied that anything had happened, and he said, quote, ‘I have no reason not to believe President Putin.’ So in saying that, he was saying I have every reason not to believe the intelligence community of the United States,” he continued.

“I think John McCain, at the time, called him one of the most infamous presidential moments that he ever witnessed. And clearly, the president has never spoken out about the bounty on American troops, never raised it with President Putin in any of the phone calls to the best of any of our knowledge, never cited that he had, and has never said anything about the poisoning of Alexi Navalny,” Kerry added.

“So we have a president who is controlled by Putin and not protecting our troops, not protecting the interests of the United States of America, not upholding the Constitution that is a duty to our nation.”

“I think people need to stop and put all of this in a context of who they want to see as commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States. These young men and women are extraordinary in today’s generation. they serve willingly, they’re volunteers, and they deserve certainly a respect of the commander-in-chief, if not every single American,” Kerry finished.

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