Expelled Christian Student for Defending His Faith, Gets Incredible Payback

Muslim Humanities professor Areej Zufari is facing some serious heat for purposely failing a Christian student and getting him expelled, just because he defended his religion and opposed her claims.

As our sources informed us, about a month ago 20-year old Florida’s Rollins College student Marshall Polston decided to share the real reason why he was expelled from his school. According to him, Professor Zufari started making a mockery of the Christian religion, claiming that Jesus Christ was not in fact the Son of God.

Revolted by his professor’s absurd claims, the 20-year old student started opposing and disagreeing with her. This eventually led to him failing the class, despite the fact that he is a straight-A student. As if that wasn’t enough, another Muslim student started explaining that homosexuals should be dismembered according to the Sharia law, a claim that Professor Zufari refused to acknowledge as wrong.

After Polston informed the college’s dean about the whole situation, he was expelled for supposedly being a danger to the campus and making the professor feel “unsafe.”
However, after the media exposed Zufari for her unacceptable behavior and proved that she had terrorist ties, the school was forced to reinstate Marshall Polston followed up by a statement claiming that the student did nothing wrong. Eventhough evidence showed that Zufari even gave a false statement to the police department regarding Polston, the college still decided to defend her and her behavior.

Thanks to the thousands of voices raised by concerned American citizens, Zufari was forced to resign from Rollins College. School officials have reported that the professor received over 10 thousand angry emails from citizens which demended her resignation.

Despite all of that, Rollins College made a decision not to discipline Zufari and even protected her. She even dropped her “protection against stalking” injuction which she previously filed against Polston, mainly because there was a ton of evidence that directly contradicted her claims. Zufari told the police that Polston was outside of her classroom intimidating her and threatening her, however, he then sent a video footage which showed him sitting in a restaraunt a 100 miles away with his grandfather, at the same time Zufari claimed he was “stalking” her.

The college on the other hand, announced that Polston was not expelled for challenging his professor, but for writting a “vulgar” and “mean-spirited” comment about her on Facebook. Later, the school realized the comment was not actually a threat and decided to reinstate the student.

Zufari on the other hand, publicly claimed several times that Polston sent her an email in which he threatened her. As expected, her allegations were proven false after she refused to reveal the made-up email.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, President of Rollins College Grant Cornwell still somehow found a way to portray Zufari as the victim in this situation.

“She resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phones messages she was getting,” he said. “I think it’s a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision. This is too raw for us to make a speculation. This has been traumatic for her.”

What’s even more interesting is that Cornwell said nothing about the “hateful threats” made by the other Muslim student and neither did Zufari. I guess they hear only what they want to hear.

The good news is that Polston was rightfully reinstated in his school and will have an opportunity to continue his studies. The bad news is that Zufari is still allowed to freely teach in schools across the U.S. and continue spreading her radical beliefs and mock every single religion but her own.

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Featured Image Source. H/T The Conservative Fighters.



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