JUST IN: Dossier Funders FINALLY Revealed And Democrats are PANICKING

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee just got caught helping fund the research for the explosive Trump dossier that came out last winter.

The dossier, produced by Fusion GPS, made a series of outrageous claims, including that before becoming president, Donald Trump was caught on video bringing hookers into a hotel while on business in Moscow. The videos, it was alleged, would serve as blackmail and compromise his ability to perform his duties as president.

Fusion GPS had so far flat out refused to name who their sponsors are, but a new report from Washington Post points right to none other than Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The Washington Post found that lawyer Marc E. Elias, who represented both the Clinton campaign and the DNC, hired Fusion GPS to conduct research on Donald Trump during the campaign, in April 2016.

The funding continued until October, 2016. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele, who would eventually write the dossier. Steele worked for British intelligence and also had connections to the U.S. intelligence community.

Elias received Steele’s reports from Fusion GPS. It is unknown how much the DNC and the Clinton campaign paid for the research, but the law firm that Elias works for, Perkins Coie, was paid $5.6 million in legal fees by the Clinton campaign from June 2015 to December 2016, and $3.6 million by the DNC since November 2015.

The research was started by a still-unknown Republican primary challenger, but was picked up by the Clinton campaign and the DNC in the spring of 2016.

According to our source the Washington Post, neither the Clinton campaign nor the DNC directed Steele’s research.

Welp, there you have it folks, Hillary and the DNC were directly implicated in this crazy phony dossier. I can’t say that I’m surprised, but it’s good to see it finally come to light.

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