Not that it is something to celebrate, but the Democrats believed that it is a huge success to shut down the government.

They actually prioritized the illegal immigrants instead of the Americans.

The happiest was probably California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and she probably thought that it is a huge success.

Absurdly, the Democrats tried to defend the terrible DACA program which was created during the years of Obama’s presidency. Now, President Trump is facing some tough tasks because he needs to reverse a lot of terrible policies from the previous administration.

The Democrats have put a big fight around this issue and tried to shut down the government. Of course, the liberal media tried to blame Trump for all of it even though he is only trying to do the right thing for the American nation.

On the other side, Nancy Pelosi decided to celebrate the shutdown by making an event and inviting 192 House Democrats to a meal at Acqua Al 2- a 4 1/2 Star restaurant.

There were several tweets that explained the event. Jake Sherman and Scott Wong gave several details about the meal.

Pelosi decided to spend some money in a fancy restaurant that describes itself as “an authentic Italian restaurant located in the heart of the historic Eastern Market in Washington, DC.” The prices on the menu are probably among the highest ones in Washington, DC.

It is disgusting to know that the Democrats are celebrating because they only jeopardized the safety of the Americans.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also tweeted a photo about the 192 Democrats who were enjoying an expensive meal. She tweeted:

Several military families were angered by this event and decided to share their opinion on Twitter.

It is terrible to know that the opposition party is acting like this. They are having expensive meals while the American nation is scared. A government shutdown is never a good thing and the Democrats tried to accomplish exactly that.

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H/T: America’s Freedom Fighters.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael P Saladen

    January 24, 2018 at 1:43 am

    Everyone in Congress needs to stop quibbling and get back to work with or without pay makes no difference to your bosses the American people… We do not support burdening our economy with illegals being allowed to hold us hostage and become the cause of shutting down the government… Get out of the four and a half star restaurant and back to your offices and make this government work! Now! or come election time we the people will have the final say!!!

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