Democrats Worry About Dropping Key Voting Group – Biden Could Lose The Election Without Latino Support

With the 2020 presidential election just a few months away, both candidates will need plenty of support. Any lagging support could cost either Biden or Trump a lot of votes.

For the former Vice President, his current issue involves a key voting group. His popularity with this group has been slipping in recent months, which could prove problematic.

And it has a direct impact on Biden’s chance to win an important swing state: Florida.

Furthermore, if his approval from the group in question continues to flag, it could ultimately cost him a spot in the White House.

According to a report by The Hill, Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned with Biden’s lack of Latino approval.

This could be a serious issue, especially considering Biden is even lagging behind Hillary Clinton in this category in 2016:

Democrats are worried that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lagging support among Latino voters could put him at risk of losing Florida, and even the White House, in November.

Recent polls out of Florida show the former vice president’s support among Latinos trailing Hillary Clinton’s in 2016, fueling concerns that he could lose a pivotal swing state.

Recently, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Biden was leading Trump in Florida by a slim margin — 45 to 43 percent.

Another survey indicates Biden holds a substantial lead over Trump with Hispanic voters; 53 percent to 37 percent. But that 53% is markedly lower than Clinton’s 62%.

Furthermore, the Miami Herald showed Biden and Trump “virtually tied” among Latino voters. This is significant because the Miami-Dade County has historically been a Democrat stronghold.

Fernand Amandi, whose firm conducted the poll, has this to say about Biden’s position:

The polls suggest he’s not doing enough. That potentially could be offset by the very fact that, if Biden is able to overperform with white Anglo voters across the state, his erosion with Hispanics might not matter so much.

But that’s a very risky bet the Biden campaign is making, if that’s the case.

Amandi added that Biden is “virtually guaranteed” a victory in Miami-Dade County.

However, if Trump can narrow Biden’s margin of victory there, it could cost the former Vice President the entire state of Florida.

On top of which, Biden’s difficulties with Latino voters extend beyond Florida:

According to a poll conducted by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation and Rice University’s Baker Institute, Biden only holds a 10-point lead over Trump in that state.

By contrast, Clinton held 61 percent of the Latino vote in Texas in 2016, compared to Trump’s 34 percent.

The statistical differences are clear — Biden doesn’t appear to have the same support from Hispanics that Clinton had. And Clinton ultimately lost to Trump.

The question now is, can President Trump continue to win approval from groups that typically vote Democrat?

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats are concerned about Joe Biden’s slipping popularity with Latino voters.
  • Biden’s approval ratings among Hispanics aren’t as good as Hillary Clinton’s were in 2016. And it could impact some state elections, like Florida’s.
  • If Trump can narrow the gap in this category, it could also impact the presidential election in November.

Source: The Hill

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