Country Stars Warned About Bashing Trump But They Didn’t Listen – Now Look What Happened!

As you all know, over the past few years the liberal ideology has deeply affected our entertainment industry, especially the world of Hollywood.

More and more celebrities choose to cause complete political chaos in our society by going after the one person they cannot go after, President Trump.

On November 8th of 2017, another Trump-bashing award show took place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Of course, I am referring to the 51st Annual Country Music Awards.

The hosts of the award show, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, wasted no time in criticizing our commander-in-chief, by implying that he is a cheater and a fraud. Even though many Americans warned them to not involve politics into an entertainment-based award show, they still chose to go ahead and do so.

However, nearly 48 hours after their absurd performance, karma struck back.

According to Opposing Views, the two hosts started the show with a pair of eclipse sunglasses on their eyes, referencing the time President Trump took off his own pair to look directly at the solar eclipse which occurred back in August, as reported by the Daily Mail.

After that, the star began singing an edited version of Carrie Underwood’s hit song in 2005, “Before He Cheats.” However, the lyrics in the edited version were a bit too directed at President Trump.

“Right now he’s probably in his PJs, watching cable news, reaching for his cell phone,” Paisley sung, after which Underwood herself joined in: “It’s fun to watch it, that’s for sure, ’til little ‘Rocket Man’ starts a nuclear war, maybe next time he’ll think before he tweets.”

As the Nashville Scene informed us, the duo completely ignored a memo sent by the Country Music Association before the show took place, requesting the media to stay off topics such as, “the Las Vegas tragedy, gun rights, political affiliations or topics of the like.”

According to NBC News, the two “stars” announced their foolish behavior even before the show.

“We’ve always said that we want to make fun of things that are funny,” Underwood noted before the show. “It’s not about any political party or any person or any anything. It’s just about making fun of things that are funny.”

Yeah right, funny, just like Kathy Griffin was “funny.”

Fans on the other hand, seem to feel disgusted by the hosts’ filthy behavior and comments. Here are just a few replies, out of many:

“Well even the #cmaawards has to open up by mocking the President,” tweeted one person. “Time to find something else to watch that won’t involve politics.”

“Mocking?” said one person, replying to a previous comment. “Hardly. It was all in fun and it was funny, unlike the nonsense you see out of the idiots in Hollywood. There was nothing mean-spirited about it.”

“That was a tasteful and funny satirical performance!” commented another fan. “Nothing wrong at all!”

“Happy to see Country Music artist speaking out about this vile, atrocious administration!” another added. Country music fans are the ones hurt the most by these awful policies handed out by original! Impeachment coming soon!”

Why do these celebrities keep thinking that they can just go after President Trump, and not be criticized for it? I don’t understand.

What do you think? Did they get what they deserved? Comment down below!

Featured Image Source. H/T Freedom Daily.

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