DON’T SUPPORT THEM: These Three Companies Are Donating Millions To Take Down Trump

Ever since his inauguration back in January, President Trump has been targeted by numerous companies, individuals, media stations and so on. Numerous billion dollar companies have joined the anti-Trump movement with one and one purpose only, to take down our commander-in-chief.

According to our source the Washington Free Beacon, almost every single one of these mega companies have been desperately trying to hide donations aimed to support this anti-Trump movement. However, thanks to them, we now have names.

The main target of this reveal is the Center for Community Change Action. For those of you who do not know, the Center for Community Change Action is a proactive anti-Trump organization which is responsible for promoting various activities against our president as well as placing its members on liberal activist boards.

One of the most active donors of this organization is the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. That’s right. This Left-wing cereal brand is responsible for donating an enormous sum of 3 million dollars to the Center for Community Change Action.

Another recognizable donor is the Ford Foundation. This foundation donated a sum of 2 million and 350 thousand dollars to the organization. Of course, Ford and Kellog are not the only two companies that donated to the CCCA.

The Marquerite Casey Foundation donated 515 thousand dollars while the National Immigration Law Center donated 316 thousand dollar. Fidelity Charitable Gift also made a donation of 505 thousand dollars and the California Endowment donated 524 thousand and 500 dollars.

Last but not least, the infamous Leftist billionaire George Soros. I think it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t be an anti-Trump movement if Soros was not involved. As our sources further reported, the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation donated 1 million and 750 thousand dollars. As expected from a Left-wing rat such as George Soros.

All of these companies have donated millions of dollars in order to take down our president. I am positive that we, the people, will not let that happen. President Trump will not go down!

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Comment down below!

Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.



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