CNN’s Chris Cuomo And Don Lemon Target Trump Supporters: ‘They Are Playing For A Sucker, And They Are Scared Of Crazy Blacks Burning Down Their Neighborhoods’

On Tuesday evening, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon used a decent amount of time on attacking white people, the myth of “Christian privilege” and everyone who supports President Donald Trump.

They both guaranteed that “America has a race problem” as they blamed President Trump of “scaring white people” to force them to vote for him in the upcoming presidential election.

“They’re playing for a sucker,” Cuomo stated while talking down to lower-class white people. “They’re playing for a sucker,” Lemon agreed. “You are the mark to the con that is going on.”

Then they have decided to target Christians, developing a conspiracy theory of “Christian privilege.”

“If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity.”

“So, this whole idea about there is no privilege in society for white people. That’s bulls***. There is a privilege,” Lemon stated.

“If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity even though we’re supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of religion. But yet, what do we do? We demonize Muslims. We demonize Islam. We demonize anybody who is pretty much not a Christian or even if you don’t believe in religion.”

The anchors additionally claimed that Trump supporters are scared of the “kooky lefty and crazy blacks burning down their neighborhoods.” Their “fear is the inevitable no matter how much they fight it,” and that “this is not going to be the same society where the same people have a preeminent voice.”

“The real fear for this country is not Joe Biden. It’s not Kamala Harris. It’s Donald Trump,” Lemon added.

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