CNN Tries To Humiliate Texas Shooting Hero, Blows Up In Their Face After He Says Two Words

Johnnie Langendorf is the hero who was driving by the scene at the Sutherland Springs Church shooting when he saw the shooter Devin Patrick Kelly shooting at another man.

Kelly then fled the scene after the man chased after the killer in the truck.

This guy deserves a trip to the White House to meet the president! What a brave soul! Americans everywhere are calling him a hero.

CNN just tried to humiliate the hero on a live interview when it backfired horribly after he says these epic words. Watch:

Hahaha! That was awesome! One person commented, “That guy doesn’t realize how much that CNN leftist reporter hates him. He looks like that perfect country loving proud American. Who loves his religion and constitution you’re a hero. We are proud of you.”

Another said: “This is why you don’t take away guns from great Americans they’re here to protect us from the evil lunatics that get guns illegally.”

“They think they are making him look like a fool. His balls are bigger than everybody that works a CNN combined.”

“Guys like this are why Trump is President. They go out and do whats right. The reporter cant fathom why he did it. This hero is just an ordinary American going out and getting the bad guy.”

Thank you Johnnie! America is cheering your bravery! Let’s all give him a big AMEN by Sharing this.

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