Clinton Nightmare: Uranium One Informant Has Video of “Briefcases Full of Cash”

The whole case about the Uranium One Deal continues.

As a reminder, Hillary Clinton conducted a deal with Russia to exploit the uranium in the United States.

Now, investigator John Solomon spoke with Hannity and explained that an informant has new evidence about the connections between Russia and the Clintons.

Solomon explained: “(H)e gathered so much information, there are videotapes where the Russians are opening up briefcases full of cash — these are the people that we then gave uranium to, that we then gave nuclear fuel contracts to.”

He was speaking about William D. Campbell as the mentioned informant. Campbell served as a lobbyist for a Russian firm. This theory goes against everything that Bill and Hillary stand for and it should be a great problem for them. It is scheduled for a testimony before Congress next week.

Campbell explained: “I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it.”

This could be another piece of evidence of the money laundering accusations that are pointed at the Clintons. It will that they are connected with a scheme that would provide them cash in their pockets. This has cost them several political favors for the Russian firms.

Circa investigative reporter Sara Carter stated: “The bribery schemes included delivering thousands of dollars in yellow envelopes, laundering tens of thousands of dollars in briefcases or wiring thousands of dollars through shell companies through the Seychelles Islands, Latvia, Cyprus, and Switzerland, to name a few.”

If this turns out like this, Bill and Clinton should suffer great consequences. This is not the only fraud that came out of  Clintons’ hands. It is strange that they aren’t punished already.

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H/T: Conservative Stand.

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