All Browns Players and Coaches Stood for the National Anthem Because of This Man

It seems that more and more NFL players are starting to follow Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps and kneel while the National Anthem is playing before each game.

Last week, 12 players of the Cleveland Browns decided to kneel while the National Anthem was playing as a way of protesting against President Trump and his policies.

However, in an interesting turn of events, before their Saturday game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, every player as well as the team’s coach stood as a sign of respect.

The whole stadium immediately noticed the gesture, including NFL commentator Jim Donovan and his partner Doug Dieken, who noted that this is a result of a little discussion Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown had with players right before the game.

Reportedly, Brown told the players, “Do not disrespect the flag, do not disrespect your country.”

Just a week before his advise to the NFL players, Brown made the newspapers’ headlines himself for criticizing Kaepernick for his foolish behavior.

“Colin has to make up his mind whether he’s truly an activist or rather he’s a football player. Football is commercial. You have owners. You have fans. And you want to honor that if you’re making that kind of money,” he said.

“If you have a cause, I think you should organize it and present it in a manner where it’s not only you sitting on one knee, but a lot of people that are going to get behind each other and do something about it.”

“Let me ask you one question: Who is Colin calling on to follow what he’s talking about?” Brown asked. “I would advise the young man, if you’re a football player, play football. If you’re going to be a real activist, use your money, use your notoriety.”

“You have to understand there’s intelligence that’s involved, OK? I can’t be two things at once that contradict each other. If I sign for money, then the people I sign with, they have rules and regulations.”

He then continued by saying:

“I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem.”

“I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.”

What a powerful statement. But then again, I’d expect nothing less from a legend such as Jim Brown.

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