BREAKING: Trump Just Called McCain’s Wife – IT’S BAD!

As you all know, recently we learned that Republican Senator John McCain’ health condition has gotten even worse than before.

According to an official statement released by the White House, President Trump contacted McCain’s spouse, Cindy McCain, immediately after he learned that Arizona senator had been hospitalized on Friday.

In July, now 81-year old Senator McCain was diagnosed with a severely bad form of brain cancer. On Wednesday, his office announced that the senator had been placed in a hospital with several complications.

The statement also reported that McCain is currently being treated in Walter Reed Medical Center for what is considered as expected side effects of his ongoing therapy for his form of cancer.

Several of his colleagues also contacted the senator’s wife, wishing him a quick and a well recovery.

According to MSN, on Friday evening GOP lawmakers published their 503-page bill with a permanent tax cut for U.S. corporations and temporary benefits for certain individuals.

Reportedly, the bill was passed after receiving the key votes from two Republican senators who had threatened to oppose it. Thanks to this, President Trump is close on closing in his first major legislative victory.

The bill is supposed to lower the corporate tax rate to 21 percent, the lowest it has reached since 1939. It is also going to provide across-the-board tax cuts for most Americans, after which their names will be wiped off the books by 2026.

“It’ll be fantastic for the middle-income people and for jobs, most of all,” President Trump said on Saturday, moments before he boarded Marine One and flew off to Camp David. He added that he believes that the U.S. economic growth “could go to 4, 5 or even 6 percent, ultimately.”

“We are really going to start to rock,” he told reporters.

House leaders have decided to not reveal their votes until Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the other hand, said that the chamber would “get this bill done” in the following week.

“This April 15 filing season — that is the last time you will file under this monstrous, broken tax code,” said House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Friday.

The final bill would also provide a quite larger tax slash for the wealthiest earners by shaving the top individual tax rate to 37 percent from 39.6 percent. It might interest you to know that that is a lower level than both the House and the Senate originally proposed.

The Democrats have publicly denounced the process that produced this bill, which should come as no surprise considering the fact that they spit on everything President Trump implements, no matter how beneficial it actually is.

“This monstrosity is a bill that only Donald Trump and Republicans, who have accomplished next to nothing in this Congress, could love,” said Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett. “It will not grow our economy, it only burdens us with an immense amount of debt.”

We are all aware that Senator McCain is not very popular on either political sides. However, he is still a human being and nobody deserves to be in the condition he is.

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Featured Image Source. H/T Freedom Daily.

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